Norman enjoys being a moderate hipster and making music about some real life shit. I mean, Harry Potter isn’t real life, but in real life people like Harry Potter, so ...

Anyway, if you’re looking for some digital music that presses boundaries between dancepunk, electropop, and synthwave with some gritty CCTV / VHS / webpunk aesthetic, than you may have found your favorite project ever. Maybe ...

Otherwise, this is all just about a guy with a keyboard becoming an old man. After years working solely in a single band, this half-assed hipster decided it was time to branch out. Norman & the Cloud is what ended up as his solo project - which basically involved songs that no one else wanted to deal with from his various other projects. Case in point, here he is writing in the third person as if he was important enough for ANYONE ELSE to actually write the bio of his website for him.

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